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I’m Helen Triolo, owner of Local First Media, LLC, and a web developer with over 25 years experience providing programming, training and website development services to local businesses and educational institutions.

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Rockville Living map

Maps, XML, Data Feeds

Success in the 21st century depends increasingly on having and making effective use of good data. One of our areas of expertise is the conversion, management and display of data from multiple sources.

The sample above is from the map at RockvilleLiving.com, which uses exported GIS data from the City of Rockville, an XML live feed from Capital Bikeshare, information from the Rockville Rewards program, traffic & bicycling information from the Google Maps API, and other local business data saved in a MySQL database, all of which gets pulled in by an AngularJS controller and displayed.

Drupal 7-based website for PJO

CMS Websites for Local Businesses

Content Management Systems (like WordPress, used for this site) are an essential for today’s websites and web apps – for ease of updating, adherence to standards, availability of plugins, modules and mobile-friendly themes, and ease of maintaining when the original developer no longer works on the project.

This site for Paramount Jazz Orchestra, a 10-member DC-area group that plays hot pre-swing-era jazz, was built with Drupal 7 and includes custom content types for the inclusion of SoundCloud clips and embedded YouTube videos.

Flash Creations, a Flash/Actionscript tutorial site

Online Tutorials & Training

Flash Creations is a tutorial website created to accompany a Flash Actionscript Programming course at Corcoran College of Art & Design (taught by Helen Triolo, 2005-2007).

The site includes tutorials available free to students and by paid subscription to non-students, on topics ranging from use of movieclips, to simple game programming, XML, experiments in displaying SVG, to event management.  As Flash is no longer widely available, we’ve turned our attention to newer technologies (HTML5, Angular Javascript, object-oriented PHP) in recent years.

Photography for the Web

Nothing grabs attention on the web like a great photo.  We take around-town photos for notes at Rockville Living, on-site photos for clients like Mosaic Power (the photo above), and event photos for groups like the Rockville Chamber of Commerce.

Our tools include a Canon T2i (and Samsung smartphone for GPS-tagged photos) and Adobe Photoshop for editing.

Rockville Living photos

Social Media Strategies

It goes without saying that businesses are best promoted online by making effective use of social media. At Rockville Living, our “local social media” site, we’ve not only integrated Facebook and Twitter, but we provide accounts for representatives of local organizations to add events to the calendar, either one at a time or via RSS feed.

Photography plays an important part (as in the screenshot above, from our Facebook album) in building interaction with the local community.

Video & Audio Clips, Online & Desktop

For the Musical Theater Center (now ATMTC), we filmed the production of A Chorus Line, edited it with Adobe Premiere Pro, and created a DVD for distribution.

We also filmed and created mp3’s and “desktop mini” videos (using Adobe Flash to create executables that could be placed on the desktop) of performers in MTC’s annual Cabaret performance.


“Going local means nurturing locally owned businesses which use local resources sustainably, employ local workers at decent wages and serve primarily local consumers. It means becoming more self-sufficient and less dependent on imports. Control moves from the boardrooms of distant corporations and back into the community where it belongs.”

- Michael H. Shuman, author of Going Local

We agree. We want the community we live in to be a vibrant one, economically and environmentally; our mission is to put our civic tech skills to work to promote a sustainable future here.  Local First Media is a family-run business located in Rockville, Maryland, the county seat of Montgomery County, just up the road from Washington DC.

Local First Media is located in Rockville, Maryland, the center of the I-270 bio-tech corridor, the county seat of Montgomery County, and within easy metro, biking and driving distance of NIH and Washington DC.

Need help with a project? Got ideas? Give us a shout.

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